Elsa Nelson

Luxury Certified Agent

Nelson Shelton Real Estate ERA Powered

With an impressive career in real estate spanning over 4 decades, it would be easy for Elsa to brag. After opening the doors to her Brokerage, Nelson Shelton the company quickly built a stellar reputation. Her passion for this industry will always be driven by the lives she has managed to touch and the relationships she has built. For Elsa, Home-ownership is truly one of the landmark achievements in an individual's lifetime. 'I have seen how home-ownership can change a family & their overall quality of life. Real Estate supports the American Lifestyle. It is the dream of most families and helps shape their futures for the better.'

Elsa's foundation as a real estate professional is also built on knowledge and a keen understand of the market. Not a day goes by that she is no honing her craft by relentlessly studying the marketing trends and new way to improve upon old practices. Her family came to the United States as immigrants, seeking refuge form Fidel Castro's community regime. In 1966, a young Elsa and her family found themselves in a foreign country with nothing more than the clothes on her back. She dedicated her life to serving others and now, 40 years later she is dedicated more than ever to her clients and company.

Nelson Shelton Real Estate ERA Powered
345 N. Maple Drive Suite 140 , Beverly Hills, CA 90210