Luxe Corner ERA Distinctive Properties

2 E R A D I S T I N C T I V E P R O P E R T I E S L U X E C O R N E R C O N T E N T S Letter from the President & CEO, ERA Real Estate We couldn’t be more excited to launch this magazine. Welcome to the inaugural edition of Luxe Corner by ERA Distinctive Properties ℠ magazine! 04 06 Dive in In addition to enhancing the overall appeal of your property, these dreamy home pools provide a wonderful gathering spot. 12 16 Smart luxury Streamline your daily routine, while also cutting down on unnecessary clutter with these innovative technology solutions. 22 Style and substance Uncover the latest kitchen design trends, as kitchens are getting more use than ever before as a result of the pandemic. Escape the city As people are increasingly craving a retreat from the non-stop, hectic energy of urban life, discover luxury living outside of Las Vegas. 28 Property listings